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Gyokuro - Japanese Gre...
Gyokuro is a shaded tea from Japan, different due to its long growing time.
from £12.00 per pouch
Pin Lin Gunpowder Tea
Intense green tea with a smoky tobacco like flavour, it will tingle your taste buds.
from £6.00 per pouch
Peony-Bai Mudan
A great introduction into the world of light & fine white teas.
from £6.00 per pouch
Pure Liquorice
The pure, intense, wholeness intensity of liquorice with a woody taste.
from £6.00 per pouch
Formosa Oolong
A unique speciality. Deep and floral flavour, with defined nutty notes.
from £8.00 per pouch
Bancha - Japanese Gree...
The second flush of Sencha from the summer/autumn harvest.
from £8.00 per pouch
Samurai Matcha
Samurai Matcha is our most powerful highest quality ground green Matcha tea.
from £30.00 per pouch
Pure Linden
A very fragrant and zesty taste, Pure Linden has its roots in the tropics.
from £6.00 per pouch
Chun Mee Green Tea
Tangy aroma, slightly sweet but more acid in nature than most green teas.
from £6.00 per pouch
ARDRAKA - Vitality
A deliciously bright and revitalising flavour giving an instant feeling of freshness.
from £7.00 per pouch
Sugarbush Maple Tea
Indulge in the sweet yet warm notes of fresh maple syrup all year round with Sugarbush Maple Tea.
Sold Out
English Breakfast Box
The perfect gift box, our only tea bag set that come in decorative wooden boxes.
from £10.00 per pouch