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Cold and Flu Buster
Aiding the clearance of the head and sinuses with a refreshing & lightly tart cup.
from £8.00 per pouch
English Breakfast Box
The perfect gift box, our only tea bag set that come in decorative wooden boxes.
from £10.00 per pouch
Long Jing
Exquisite mellow liquor with sweet after notes.
from £9.00 per pouch
Old Pu 'erh
Intensely earthy, sour and broad.
from £7.00 per pouch
Sakura Yu
Pickled cherry blossoms. Floral salty & sour.
Sold Out
Silver Needles
The young king among tea, both soft and refined.
from £18.00 per pouch
Hair & Nail Defender
Traditional herby remedy with new fruit notes to help promote growth.
from £8.00 per pouch