But what do you want for Christmas?

The answer to that questions is, you can't go wrong with tea.  Here are a few of our best sellers, great gifters and festive favourites.

Irish Hot Toddy
A base of Black Tea flavoured with cinnamon to make a warm sweet blend.
from £2.00 per pouch
Hibiscus Sunset
A deep purple flower with a tangy pomegranate flavour like mulled wines.
from £2.00 per pouch
Magical Flowering Tea
Each flower is formed from a delicate green tea base with an exotic flower centre.
per flower
Lullaby Sleep Tisane
Soothing, lightening blend of floral and mint to relax the mind and body.
from £3.00 per pouch
Love Potion
Fragrant and romantic notes, perfectly flirty flowery Oolong to make your heat beat!
from £3.00 per pouch
Empress Tea Strainer
An Elegant metal design, perfect for when you're serving guests.
per item
Unicorn Ball Infuser
A collectors item when it comes to ball infusers, perfect for small leafed tea.
per item
English Breakfast Box
The perfect gift box, our only tea bag set that come in decorative wooden boxes.
from £10.00 per pouch
Sakura Yu
Pickled cherry blossoms. Floral salty & sour.
from £12.00 per pouch