Unlike our Pure Herbal collection our herbal infusions are blends which come raw herbal ingredients with tasteful spices, fruits and other flavour notes to make a more complex taste with some of the added health benefits of straight herbals.

Tea Bar Order - Custom...
Whilst our Tea Bar is closed we know you are missing our exclusive instore teas. So we have added this special listing to allow you to order right off the menu.
Pure Lemon Verbena
A little known but refreshing tea which leaves earthy yet sweet notes.
from £6.00 per pouch
KAPHA - Revitalising
Only six ingredients make up this power drink, strong intense spicy flavours.
from £7.00 per pouch
Argentinean Mate
Mate is Argentina's national tea drink and just like the country itself the taste is fiery.
per pouch
ARDRAKA - Vitality
A deliciously bright and revitalising flavour giving an instant feeling of freshness.
from £7.00 per pouch
Hangover Remedy
All the important ingredients of a bloody mary minus the vodka.
per tin