Here are our 8 recommended tea's to make your heart swoon.
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Sakura Cha - Japanese ...
Our Sakura Cha is a Green Tea lightly flavoured with blended floral blossoms.
from £2.00 per pouch
Pure Rose
A wonderful perfumed treat for the senses, this is a classic floral tea.
from £2.00 per pouch
Love Potion
Fragrant and romantic notes, perfectly flirty flowery Oolong to make your heat beat!
from £3.00 per pouch
Love Citrus Love
Blend of citrus fruits with jasmine flowers.
from £2.60 per pouch
Arabian Winter
This tangerine & cardamom blend is calming and zestful.
from £2.60 per pouch
Black Rhino
Bold and brisk, strong with a full bodied taste.
from £2.00 per pouch
Sunkissed Berries
Raspberry & blueberry infusion. A deep and rich blend.
from £2.00 per pouch
Silver Needles
The young king among tea, both soft and refined.
from £6.00 per pouch
Original Yunnan
Earthy and plummy with floral sweet notes.
from £2.30 per pouch
Last Mango in Paris
Passionate and succulent with a bitter goodbye.
from £2.30 per pouch