Marmalade Mate

Marmalade Mate

Peppery mate with sweet orange flowers.
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  • Serving Size: 25 servings or 100 servings
  • Type: Mate

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Peppery mate with sweet orange flowers. Mate is the traditonal Argentina tea made by steeping dried, chopped & crushed leaves of yerba mate then mixed in to a paste before hot water is added. This infusion has added citrus flavours to make it extra special.

Each pouch contains 60g | 25 servings or 240g | 100 servings of loose leaf tea.


Green and roasted Mate Tea, diced liquorice root, orange peel, orange blossoms, natural orange flavourings.

  Herbal    High Level of Caffeine

Brewing & Serving Suggestions

Can be served by the cup. Or served to a group in a traditional gourd. Fill gourd 3/4 full and shake dust out on your palm. Add cool water and allow Yerba to swell for 2-3 minutes, add warm water about 80 degrees for 2-3 minutes. Using a mate straw create a bridge or valley and insert the straw then drink, replenishing the water as you go.

We sell the traditional gourds and metal straws in our accessories collection.

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My mate Marmalade Mate

Marmalade Mate was recommended to me a few years ago at the Camden Market store and has been a favourite of mine ever since. A distinct and refreshingly flavoured tea that I particularly enjoy drinking at lunchtime.