Black Forest

Black Forest

The sumptuous taste of the famous gateau originating from Baden-Wurttemberg.
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  • Serving Size: 25 servings per 60g pouch
  • Type: Tea

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The sumptuous taste of the famous gateau originating from Baden-Wurttemberg in South-Western Germany. A warming and hearty brew with rich delicious flavours, it's like eating a fruity dark chocolate bar in a cup.

Each pouch contains 60g of loose leaf tea, enough for 25 servings


Cocoa shells and husks, elderberries, raisins, hibiscus flowers, flavouring, freeze-dried blackberries, freeze-dried raspberries, freeze-dried sour cherry pieces, blackcurrants, and blueberries

  Herbal     Caffeine Free

Brewing & Serving Suggestions

For the most tasteful cup, use fresh water and boil to 100 C. Allow your infusion to brew for 5-8 minutes.

Pair this with a large gateau for ultimate indulgence

Customer Reviews

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Black Forrest Tea

I tried this tea after loving the pure herbal Chocolate Tea. My family and I liked this Black Forrest tea but not quite as much as the pure chocolate. We tried it with and without coconut milk but I prefer it without.
It does remind me of Black Forrest Gatteaux in a tea formula so if you like that dessert, definitely try this!