Oolong Tea if fermented black tea from a variety of regions in Asia. The process involves withering the tea in the sun letting it oxidises somewhere between green and black tea and then curling the leaves. This process gives a very distinct taste and though Oolong only represents 2% of the worlds tea it is worth discovering.

Milky Oolong
Unique Taiwanese Oolong dark tea with a creamy, milky flavour.
from £4.00 per pouch
Love Potion
Fragrant and romantic notes, perfectly flirty flowery Oolong to make your heat beat!
from £3.00 per pouch
Watermelon Breeze
Fine and distinctive aroma and flavour.
from £2.60 per pouch
Formosa Oolong
A unique speciality. Deep and floral flavour, with defined nutty notes.
from £2.00 per pouch
Black Honey
Dark sweet oolong that is intense, rich and honey like.
from £6.00 per pouch
Rice Puddinglong
An indulgent treat, creamy and sumptuous.
from £4.30 per pouch