Our wonderful Tea Bar opened in 2020 allowed us to share even more great loose leaf tea with those who visit Camden. For everyone who can't visit us in person here are some of the in store creations available ONLINE for the first time. 

Limited time & whilst stocks last.

Lullaby Sleep Tisane
Soothing, lightening blend of floral and mint to relax the mind and body.
from £8.00 per pouch
Take it Easy - Relaxat...
Easing the mind and upper body tensions with this raspberry flavoured brew.
from £8.00 per pouch
Cleansing Detox Blend
Body hydrator and detoxifier. Awaken the body with citrus and eucalyptus.
from £8.00 per pouch
Tummy Tucker - Dietary...
A tonic inspired to help shed those extra pounds. Fruity taste with a ginger finish.
from £8.00 per pouch
Love Potion
Fragrant and romantic notes, perfectly flirty flowery Oolong to make your heat beat!
from £8.00 per pouch
Global Energiser
High energy and high flavour mate. This brew says good morning world.
from £8.00 per pouch
Rumble Buster - Digest...
To help ease a sore stomach, minty brew intertwined with cinnamon & liquorice.
from £8.00 per pouch
Oooh Lala
Romantic notes of berries, orange and honey.
from £8.00 per pouch
Risheehat RTGFOP1
Highest grade, single estate darjeeling.
from £14.00 per pouch
Golden Glow - Skin Beauty
Ancient theories brewed together to help your complexion glow.
from £8.00 per pouch
Black Honey
Dark sweet oolong that is intense, rich and honey like.
from £18.00 per pouch
Watermelon Breeze
Fine and distinctive aroma and flavour.
from £8.00 per pouch