Green tea has been used in Chinese and Indian medicine for generations. Typically a Green tea hasn't undergone the same withering and oxidisation process as an Oolong or Black tea which generally gives it a lighter and slightly sweeter taste.

Gyokuro - Japanese Gre...
Gyokuro is a shaded tea from Japan, different due to its long growing time.
from £4.00 per pouch
Green Sunshine
Grassy with earthy flavours brought with additions of marigolds & lemon verbena.
from £2.00 per pouch
Pin Lin Gunpowder Tea
Intense green tea with a smoky tobacco like flavour, it will tingle your taste buds.
from £2.00 per pouch
Bancha - Japanese Gree...
The second flush of Sencha from the summer/autumn harvest.
from £3.00 per pouch
Arabian Winter
This tangerine & cardamom blend is calming and zestful.
from £2.60 per pouch
Samurai Matcha
Samurai Matcha is our most powerful highest quality ground green Matcha tea.
from £30.00 per pouch
Chun Mee Green Tea
Tangy aroma, slightly sweet but more acid in nature than most green teas.
from £2.00 per pouch
Pink Pepper Grapefruit
Tangy and warm, an enlivening combination.
from £2.00 per pouch
Simply Peachy
A tender, soft complement to green tea.
from £2.00 per pouch
Tangy green apple with sweet caramel..
from £2.00 per pouch
Dragon Breath
Feel the heat and intensity, face the dragon.
from £2.00 per pouch
Unicorn Drank
Colour changing magic! Dusk Blue to royal purple.
from £2.60 per pouch