These are our teas that do contain varied levels of caffeine though a much lower amount than coffee. Any that contain high caffeine levels find here or find Caffeine Free teas here.

Sakura Cha - Japanese ...
Our Sakura Cha is a Green Tea lightly flavoured with blended floral blossoms.
from £2.00 per pouch
Jasmine with Flowers
Naturally scented green tea with jasmine blossoms for a smooth and delicate taste.
from £2.00 per pouch
Strawberries and Cream
The classic taste of one of Britain's most iconic Summer sporting event.
from £2.00 per pouch
Shogun Grey
A noble blend. Naturally flavoured with orange & bergamot oil
from £2.00 per pouch
Genmaicha - Japanese B...
Green tea with toasted and popped rice, also known as "popcorn" tea.
from £2.00 per pouch
Morocco Mint
A strong Moroccan pick me up, gunpowder green tea with mint creating a bold flavour.
from £2.00 per pouch
Sencha - Japanese Gree...
The Japanese standard of good grade, any time, green tea.
from £2.00 per pouch
Milky Oolong
Unique Taiwanese Oolong dark tea with a creamy, milky flavour.
from £4.00 per pouch
Hojicha - Japanese Gre...
Hojicha is a Green Tea but is distinctive from others because it is roasted.
from £2.00 per pouch
Dragon Pearls
Hand rolled Jasmine scented pearls. Delicate and sweet with floral perfume.
from £5.00 per pouch
Gyokuro - Japanese Gre...
Gyokuro is a shaded tea from Japan, different due to its long growing time.
from £4.00 per pouch
Green Sunshine
Grassy with earthy flavours brought with additions of marigolds & lemon verbena.
from £2.00 per pouch