These are our teas that do contain varied levels of caffeine though a much lower amount than coffee. Any that contain high caffeine levels find here or find Caffeine Free teas here.

Green Sunshine
Grassy with earthy flavours brought with additions of marigolds & lemon verbena.
from £6.00 per pouch
Pin Lin Gunpowder Tea
Intense green tea with a smoky tobacco like flavour, it will tingle your taste buds.
from £6.00 per pouch
Peony-Bai Mudan
A great introduction into the world of light & fine white teas.
from £6.00 per pouch
Bancha - Japanese Gree...
The second flush of Sencha from the summer/autumn harvest.
from £8.00 per pouch
Chun Mee Green Tea
Tangy aroma, slightly sweet but more acid in nature than most green teas.
from £6.00 per pouch
Samurai Matcha
Samurai Matcha is our most powerful highest quality ground green Matcha tea.
from £30.00 per pouch
Black Honey
Dark sweet oolong that is intense, rich and honey like.
from £18.00 per pouch
Watermelon Breeze
Fine and distinctive aroma and flavour.
from £8.00 per pouch
Long Jing
Exquisite mellow liquor with sweet after notes.
from £9.00 per pouch
Old Pu 'erh
Intensely earthy, sour and broad.
from £7.00 per pouch