Pure Chocolate Cocoa

Pure Chocolate Cocoa

As the name suggests this tea is an pure delight of rich and chocolaty goodness
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As the name suggests this tea is an pure delight of rich and chocolaty goodness, a firm favourite for those with a sweet indulgent taste.

Each pouch contains 16g | 5 servings or 60g | 25 servings or 240g | 100 servings of loose leaf tea.


100% Pure cocoa shells and peel. May contain small amounts of cocoa nibs

  Herbal    Caffeine Free

Brewing & Serving Suggestions

For the most tasteful cup, use fresh water and boil to 100 C. Allow your infusion to brew for a minimum of 9 minutes.


Customer Reviews

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Pure indulgence!

My friend sent me some of this as a gift and I never would have thought I'd like it but it's absolutely delicious - refreshing like tea but comforting like chocolate. Perfect. Can't recommend highly enough!

Pure Heaven

I am mostly a coffee drinker but fancied a change. Ordered the Pure Chocolate tea amongst others but this is the favourite right now. The tea has a very velvety taste, the chocolate notes are just right. Lovely cuppa x

Delicious Chocolate Tea!

I will be ordering this tea regularly now! It is a super healthy way to get that chocolate drink kick without all the nasty additives, preservatives, artificial flavourings etc If you like your chocolate pure and you love tea, this is the drink for you! If you have a sweeter tooth, then there are some amazing natural sweeteners out there that you could add to this drink, such as coconut/ palm sugar, xylitol ( made from birch and beech trees), maple syrup or agave nectar to name a few!
Initially I ordered this tea because I love raw organic chocolate and this sounded like the perfect tea for me! I didn't expect it to be particularly chocolatey to be honest so I was surprised when it tasted like cocoa but had the drinking consistency of tea!
I like it 'black' or with coconut milk and today I have tried it blended with The Camden Teashop's Pure Peppermint. This was a really nice alternative way to enjoy this amazing chocolate tea. I found that when blended with the peppermint tea, the chocolate flavour was stronger when if I added coconut milk but, black or with milk, the mint variation was great too.
I highly recommend you try this tea if anything I have said above hits home for you. Enjoy!