Turkish Apple Tea

Turkish Apple Tea

The famous favourite, a taste from Turkey. Makes great iced tea.
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  • Serving Size: 25 servings per 60g pouch
  • Type: Tea

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The famous favourite, a taste from Turkey made from all real fruit pieces and nothing else. The perfect fruit infusion that can be made cold and hot.

Each pouch contains 60g of loose leaf tea, enough for 25 servings


Apple pieces, pineapple cubes (crystalised pineapple), acidifying agent: ascorbic acid (vitamin C), natural apple flavouring, freeze-dried apple

 Fruit   Caffeine Free

Caffeine Free

Brewing & Serving Suggestions

For the most tasteful cup, use fresh water and boil to 100 C. Allow your infusion to brew for 5-8 minutes according to taste.

Perfect for a hot Summer night or sunny afternoon. Can be served hot or cold as the perfect iced tea, see our NEWS feed for recipe advice.