For those who enjoy drinking tea without the caffeine, or for those who enjoy a warm beverage before bed but prefer not to be kept awake.

Tummy Tucker - Dietary...
A tonic inspired to help shed those extra pounds. Fruity taste with a ginger finish.
from £8.00 per pouch
Hangover Remedy
All the important ingredients of a bloody mary minus the vodka.
from £8.00 per pouch
Pure Linden
A very fragrant and zesty taste, Pure Linden has its roots in the tropics.
from £6.00 per pouch
ARDRAKA - Vitality
A deliciously bright and revitalising flavour giving an instant feeling of freshness.
from £7.00 per pouch
Cleansing Detox Blend
Body hydrator and detoxifier. Awaken the body with citrus and eucalyptus.
from £8.00 per pouch
Lullaby Sleep Tisane
Soothing, lightening blend of floral and mint to relax the mind and body.
from £8.00 per pouch
Take it Easy - Relaxat...
Easing the mind and upper body tensions with this raspberry flavoured brew.
from £8.00 per pouch
Hair & Nail Defender
Traditional herby remedy with new fruit notes to help promote growth.
from £8.00 per pouch
Rumble Buster - Digest...
To help ease a sore stomach, minty brew intertwined with cinnamon & liquorice.
from £8.00 per pouch
Golden Glow - Skin Beauty
Ancient theories brewed together to help your complexion glow.
from £8.00 per pouch
Alberts Memory Potion
A tonic to enhance and focus the mind. Lovely soft notes of fruit with a rosemary finish.
from £8.00 per pouch
Cold and Flu Buster
Aiding the clearance of the head and sinuses with a refreshing & lightly tart cup.
from £8.00 per pouch