For those who enjoy drinking tea without the caffeine, or for those who enjoy a warm beverage before bed but prefer not to be kept awake.

Rumble Buster - Digest...
To help ease a sore stomach, minty brew intertwined with cinnamon & liquorice.
from £3.00 per pouch
Spiced Peach
Soft and spicy, warms and enlivens the pallet.
from £2.30 per pouch
Golden Glow - Skin Beauty
Ancient theories brewed together to help your complexion glow.
from £3.00 per pouch
Orange Daydream
Cleansing refreshing, mind wandering.
from £2.30 per pouch
Azteca Turmerica
Ancient antioxidant rich blend.
from £2.00 per pouch
Last Mango in Paris
Passionate and succulent with a bitter goodbye.
from £2.30 per pouch
Hair & Nail Defender
Traditional herby remedy with new fruit notes to help promote growth.
from £3.00 per pouch
Sakura Yu
Pickled cherry blossoms. Floral salty & sour.
from £12.00 per pouch