Sakura Cha - Japanese Green Tea

Sakura Cha - Japanese Green Tea

Our Sakura Cha is a Green Tea lightly flavoured with blended floral blossoms.
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  • Serving Size: 25 servings per 60g pouch
  • Type: Tea

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Our version of this tea is slightly different (and better tasting) than the traditional Japanese Sakura tea. Ours is a Green Tea base lightly flavoured with blended cherry blossoms and rose petals This tea is absolutely delicious and should be considered a must try. It brews up an infusion with a flavour almost like fruit punch when sweetened.

Each pouch contains 60g of loose leaf tea, enough for 25 servings


Green tea, Cherry Blossoms & Rose petals.

  Green     Contains Caffeine

Brewing & Serving Suggestions

For the most tasteful cup, use fresh water and boil to 70 degrees by stopping the kettle before it boils. Allow your infusion to brew for 2-3 minutes according to taste.