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Get to know Camden Tea.

Apothecary's TEAtable

  Is it time for some self improvement? Or just a little self-care? The right tea can have a big impact on your health, for those trying to start a...

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It's time for cake.

Everyone likes cake right? Desserts are a key part of your Christmas table and everyone has a favourite flavour. Here are 3 recipes to try and 3 perfect tea blends...

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15% discount for Indie Week

We have a cheeky online discount to celebrate the official start to our Christmas shopping. In association with Indie Week during both busy shopping weekends (24th Nov - 2nd Dec)...

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Hyper Japan Winter Festival

We can't believe we have been doing Hyper Japan now for 5 years! It's such a great event with amazing customers. Thank you for coming and supporting us again, we...

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Coffee History

As with most foods that have been around for centuries, coffee’s beginnings are enveloped in mystery and lore. There is a popular Ethiopian legend where coffee is discovered by a...

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Introduce yourself to Raw Honey

We are excited to introduce you to the wonderful brand behind our newly stocked raw honey products. We are excited by their family run business who is morally minded when...

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Citrus Tea Tastes

Citrus tea delights the palate with bright notes that awaken the senses. A host of premium teas – green, herbal, mate and black – are enhanced with a recipe of...

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Hyper Japan 2018

We returned to a bigger and better Hyper Japan summer festival at it's new venue in Olympia, Kensington last weekend. We wanted to share with you what the Camden Tea...

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Beginner Guide to loose leaf tea

Traditional tea refers to the beverage which comes from the leaves of a plant known as Camellia Sinensis. The way the plant is grown, fermented, brewed, and picked, all influence the...

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