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Apothecary's TEAtable

Apothecary's TEAtable


Is it time for some self improvement? Or just a little self-care? The right tea can have a big impact on your health, for those trying to start a new regime or just make a better year than the last there is a tea for it. Each has been tried and tested for years with several blends going back decades with their own history & medical uses. So join us at our apothecary's tea table to get to know the brews that we recommend for a healthy you.


Preparation and consumption of powdered tea was first created by Zen Buddhists, who cultivated popular Sencha green tea growing it under shade conditions thus maximising the therapeutic benefits of the tea, in to what has become known as "Matcha". Very trendy now but drinking Matcha Tea has almost unlimited benefits including:

  • Being packed with antioxidants including the powerful EGCg
  • Boosts metabolism and burns calories
  • Detoxifies effectively and naturally
  • Calms the mind and relaxes the body
  • Is rich in fiber, chlorophyll and vitamins
  • Enhances mood and aids in concentration
  • Provides vitamin C, selenium, chromium, zinc and magnesium
  • Prevents disease
  • Lowers cholesterol and blood sugar

It's an easy way to add powerful health benefits to your everyday diet, but if Matcha is proves a little difficult to make, any pure green tea is a good back up plan. However you have to drink up to 10 cups to get the same benefit as 1 cup of Matcha so get your hands on a whisk and some of our premium Samurai Matcha.

(Facts from Matcha Source).

Kapha - Revitalising Ayurvedic Teas 

Another wonderful healthy tea practice with a rich history is Ayurvedic teachings; an ancient Indian system of wellness that balances the body, mind & spirit. For those who enjoy herbal tastes this complex infusions have lots of ingredients non of which are tea! 

Ayurvedic teas are specially formulated blends that combine organic herbs, plants, fruits and spices. Depending on the mix of botanicals, drinking an Ayurvedic blend can help enhance energy, promote emotional well-being, aid digestion, cleanse the body, calm nerves, or provide other types of health benefits.

Top of the list of these herbal remedies is Kapha a revitalising brew perfect for the start of the day. Containing ginger, coriander, cardamom (whole), turmeric roots, cloves and nutmeg it's a spicy full brew with turmeric at its centre. 

Explore all 6 of the Ayurvedic TEAchings here.

Cairo Chamomile

A bespoke infusion just for Camden Tea, takes traditional whole chamomile flowers that aids sleep and boosts it with a zingy hint of mint. The earliest origins of chamomile flowers in tea come from Egypt to soothe peoples disposition.

A natural caffeine free hot drink that can also act as a muscle relaxant and mood stabiliser in extreme cases. You can drink as much as you like of our Cairo Chamomile feeling better with each cup.

Some Lemon & Ginger

Not a tea but an essential on our table, fresh lemon & ginger for those with a cold you'll have tried this combination we are sure. Lemon juice is known to reduce phlegm and spicy ginger a natural anti-inflammatory relieves a sore throat.


This ruby red tea has a sour taste, it's both low in calories and caffeine-free.

Drunk for relief from high blood pressure and high cholesterol, Hibiscus tea is rich in vitamin C, minerals and various antioxidants, while also helping in the treatment of hypertension and anxiety. Consumption of hibiscus tea can help to calm down the nervous system, and it may reduce anxiety and depression by creating a relaxed sensation in the body and mind.

It's the first tea we ever stocked and our fast favourite whatever we are feeling.



Rooibos tea is gaining popularity as a delicious and healthy beverage. Consumed in southern Africa for centuries, it has become a beloved drink around the world. It's a flavourful, caffeine-free alternative to black and green tea. What's more, advocates praise rooibos for its potential health benefits, claiming that its antioxidants can protect against cancer, heart disease and stroke.

Lemon Verbena

It's a shrub plant that can be grown anywhere, with a fresh lemony scent, the oil from the plant is extracted which containing a high concentration of antioxidants. It's become more fashionable to drink while on a diet as a serving contains only 2 calories and increases the rate which fat burns.


Rose tea has been drunk around the world for hundreds of years to alleviate painful menstrual pain. A cup of rose tea with a little honey and a dash of black pepper can help regulate the blood flow. It’s an excellent natural remedy to help relieve the discomforts associated with cramps. It also does wonderful things to the skin, reducing stress and aids healthy digestion. 

Add Honey

It's safe to say we have more than one jar of honey on our table, deemed as a top health food across the globe. Honey is among the most popular and widely used sweetener with enormous health benefits. It is used by several cultures around the world serving as a base for many traditional medicines, especially Ayurvedia.

Honey is best known to help with a sore throat but has many other benefits including:

  • strengthening your immune system
  • nourishes your skin & face
  • boosts your memory
  • home remedy for dandruff
  • used for healing wounds
  • acts as a natural sleep aid
  • helps with gum disease
  • natural energy drink
  • prevents and helps control eczema 

We swear by a curated selection of Miod.Co Raw honey that we stock both in store and online.