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Hyper Japan 2018

Hyper Japan 2018

We returned to a bigger and better Hyper Japan summer festival at it's new venue in Olympia, Kensington last weekend. We wanted to share with you what the Camden Tea stand looked like when it goes on tour; we were really excited to highlight our Experience Japan collection to such devoted fans of the culture; its the ultimate taste test.

Our Friday Girls

The Hyper Japan summer festival is a snapshot in to the Japanese Culture both traditional and modern with exhibitors bringing everything from music to food. We were on the ground floor market place with other established brands selling sake to travel plans; Pokemon to kimonos; plushies to peach Coca Cola. 

We loved being able to open people's eyes to the joy's of loose leaf tea, many visitors had no idea of the flavour possibilities. With a full rainbow of black teas, rooibos, green teas and herbals there was a little of everything to represent Camden Tea's wide varieties. 

Our Experience Japan collection was the centre piece of a bustling stand for all 3 days of the show. Customers could request our 210-280g larger bags as we were packaging our teas straight from tea crates on the stand, producing a combined sweet smell that drew everyone to the stand. 

We had two limited edition exclusive blends just for the show; Citrus Wakame 'Seaweed' Tea and Dark Chocolate Black Tea. Both were well received and an exciting addition to our offering. If you took home either we'd love to hear your thoughts and whether you'd like them to continue in our Camden Tea shops.

Let's take a little look at the rest of Hyper Japan, or at least our small corner of it. There was a lot more upstairs on table tops, a large live stage, food hall and fan activities. So if your planning on going next time, explore their website for a full listing.

We were surrounded by other happy stalls in the ground floor market, brands which like us specialise in one aspect of Japanese tradition. From the thriving modern games market that brought demos you could play early to specialist cosplay stands from abroad; there was lots of exclusive fun to be had for all ages and levels of interest. Did you know kids get in free on Fridays? And reduced tickets under 10 years old all weekend.

We were lucky to be close to Doki Japanese Tableware an amazing store in Harrow that has both kitsch cute novelty bowels as well as beautifully glazed traditional bowl, plates, cups and tea sets. Lots of blue & white pattern work and ribbed designs that make great serving ware for everything from afternoon tea to ramen. 

Opposite our stand tempting us all weekend was Sweet Japan that make Kohakuto a vegetarian treat that can be formed in to little shapes and dissolves on the tongue. Coming in lots of unique flavours and packaging it would make perfect gifts along with a packet of tea don't you think.


If you visited us during Hyper Japan we want to see your pictures and hear your reviews so find us on Facebook or Trip Advisor then let us know how we did.