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Flavour Combinations - Floral & Citrus

Flavour Combinations - Floral & Citrus

This months #teasoftheweek were either part of the floral or citrus family. Two Pure floral teas that are the perfect opposite for two strong citrus brews. 

Pure Chamomile & Zesty Lemon

Two comforting teas. Chamomile is well know for its calming effects but our Zesty Lemon is warming and tasty that you'll be sipping away. 

So which would you drink for a cosy night in? Chamomile or Lemon

Pure Rose & Marmalade Mate

The second pair of teas; Pure Rose a historic floral tea that mixes well with pepper & a little honey Or a naturally peppery blend Marmalade Mate, an Argentine special with a second kick of citrus.

So for a little peppery burst would you have Rose or Mate?