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Lonely Western Tea Culture

Lonely Western Tea Culture

Something we have noticed from talking to our customers is that we have lots of solo tea fans, which reminds us of the solitude that comes with being a western tea drinker.

In tea hotspots in Asia you learn about teas by drinking with other people as a social activity; you can explore different tea shops, drinking and talking about tea with others of like minds or just friends and colleges as its normal to go for tea. Tea is part of the social fabric of life whilst many tea drinkers here are still drinking alone. It's more common to have a cup (or lots) on the sofa in the evening than enjoy new varieties during an afternoon out.

While there’s plenty of writing online about different teas, tea as a hobby is meant to be a very social and interactive experience. We want to bring some of that knowledge and enjoyment to your real world experience and make Camden Tea an experience to share with others.

Tea in Asia is not only a beverage but clothing and decorations all of which go in to an enjoyable & comfortable activity. The making of tea is very spiritual and part of many ceremonies giving it pride of place in the culture.

Whilst in England we love mixing flavours, Chinese tea fans focus on the pure tea blends and which can be a delicacy when prepared correctly. Every detail is important to their enjoyment, we particularly love the origin stories of lots of our brews.

Our tea shop opening later this year is going to have 100 tea varieties to try but will also give the opportunity to talk to each other. Communal seating, tasting menus and lots of enthusiastic tea staff ready to talk to you. We want people to try new flavours, compare them with old favourites and not be afraid to spend time taking in the cosy atmosphere. 

We want to know what you want to see more of from us to heighten your tea experience. Don't be afraid to comment, send us and email or DM on social media. You Camden Tea experience is important to us and we want to make enjoying loose leaf tea sensational right here in London.