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Honey & Tea Pairings

Honey & Tea Pairings

Warm and sweet two things that make the perfect cup of tea. 

Although you might be afraid of added sugar, there are plenty of reasons to add honey to your tea. There are some real advantages to consuming honey, besides its delectable flavour, honey also poses great health and nutritional benefits. We stock a selection of Raw flavoured honey's from Miod.co that pair perfectly with our teas. 

Here are three flavour combinations for you to try out. 

Peony White Tea & Rapeseed Honey

Peony White Tea also known as 'Bai Mudan' is refreshing with a sweet honeyed taste even before you add honey. We pair it with Rapeseed Honey which is a mild light coloured blend with a slight peppery after taste. 

Jasmine Green Tea & Buckwheat

Our Jasmine Green Tea with flowers has a smooth and delicate floral taste paired with its bold green tea base. Buckwheat is a dark honey with a strong molasses so not great for adding sweetness but depth of flavour, so just a little makes for a complex flavour. 

Earl Grey & Wildflower Honey

Now this is a pair of two traditional recipes. Our take on Earl Grey, Emperor Grey is a rich Ceylon black tea flavoured with bergamot and lemon peel. This citrus buzz pairs with light floral note of Wildflower Honey which is runny and glorious. Add plenty and enjoy its added health benefits with each cup.

Fancy trying out one of our combinations? All these honey & loose leaf teas are available in our online store.