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Say hello to Mihaela

Say hello to Mihaela

Lots of you who have visited our Camden Market tea shop will know this lovely face, Mihaela is an icon of the Camden Tea family having been on our team for years now we can't live without her.

We joined her in Camden to experience a day in the life of running our hole in the wall tea shop to share what makes her so special. Starting with a little background on our star:

"I am Bulgarian, so have grown up with a culture of herbs & spices for cooking, health remedies and I continued learning more as I grew. I had a few jobs before Camden Tea but none that included my passion for natural ingredients; now I get to share all my favourites and make great recommendations for customers everyday".

Each day is started with brewing some tea (no surprise there) & today's choice was traditional English Country Garden made up of Chamomile, Lavender, Dandelion & Rose.

Then she puts a pot of tea on the brew for customers to taste, everyone who comes in gets the full experience from ingredients to brewing techniques.

But what is her favourite tea (at the moment)

"It has to be the ancient chai recipe from the Ayurvedic Collection - OM Yoga Tea, similar to our traditional chai but more natural and smooth, I try recommend it to everyone".

A whole selection of customers come in to the shop from a pair of girls from America, a couple out looking for that perfect caffeine free tea but completely different flavours to someone just window shopping whilst waiting for friends.

"Everyone comes to Camden at some point and we are a pit stop for all who love a brew or wants to try something new".

Mihaela speaks such a variety of languages from her native Slavic dialects including Russian & Serbian, pretty good Italian & Spanish, then enough French to talk about tea. It's greats to have such a varied dialogue in the shop, even if we don't all speak the same language; the smell... the experience can be shared with body language & emotion. Everyone has a good tea moment to share.

So when you are next in London visit our Camden Tea Shop, open 7 days a week and maned by one of our tea experts ready to welcome you including the lovely Mihaela.