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Our Tea Collections

Our Tea Collections

Here at Camden Tea we have lots of different ways for you to explore our teas from tea types to caffeine info; but our favourite way is by our collections. Each was created to help you explore more varieties you wouldn't have come across before and understand more about their origins. We delve in to their natural properties, health benefits and brewing instructions, all to make your tea experience more enjoyable. 

Our largest and far reaching collection is Tasteful Traveller and it is the heart of our company. We believe in every cups flavour journey but also to be an experience that can take you almost anywhere. With ingredients & teas from all over the world we chose this selection of infusions for its variety and links to unique cultures and practices. Our following collections each stemmed from this desire focusing popular tea regions.

The Pure Herbal collection is a carefully curated selection of high quality herbs that have the best natural flavours from the earth. All of them have their own unique health benefits, aromas and tastes that each have an optimum time to enjoy. With a lower brewing temperature lots of these herbs are native to the UK and have their origins in age old medicines and are the raw ingredients for some of our favourite bespoke infusions.

Experience Japan is our most popular selection to gift; they make you take a step back in time to the origin of tea itself. Amazing black & green luxury tea straight from the islands of Japan and each full of ceremony. The backstory for each tea adds to the enjoyment and time spent brewing; balancing the mental & physical benefits of each cup. If you try one new tea today make it one from this collection.

The Ayurvedic TEAChings is the most colourful collection with no actual tea in any of the recipes. The Indian practice of Ayurveda is one of the most ancient philosophies of wellness and healing, creating a controlled balance of the mind, body and spirit. Each tea has a role in rebalancing the body and has a real effect in a modern world that needs slowing down.

Our last collection Premium Import is our top shelf selection breaking from your everyday cup of tea. Each are chosen as the best of its kind with only a couple of each variety stocked at one time. Some are very hard to come by and so is always being updated with new rare finds and theatrical offerings.

So that's us here at Camden Tea, all our teas are available in our Camden Tea Shop but also here in the online shop. Have you got any teas you'd like to see from us? Message us with your requests and stories.