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Mothers Day DIY Ideas

Mothers Day DIY Ideas

At Camden Tea we love mums; with mothers day just around the corner we are preparing for lots of happy gift buying. So ask yourself does she have a favourite tea? Or perhaps you fancy making something a little different this year? 

Here is 5 ideas you could make this year to show your mother you love her, whether she has a green thumb or deserves a pamper time out. 

1. Tea Cup Planter                                                                   2. Room Perfume


 3. Bath Salts                                                                 4. Floral Tea Bag Decorations

5. Tea Soap

We went with idea number 3 and tried our own tea scented combination. 

You'll need:

- a glass jar (we have a few of those).

- Himalayan Salt, Epsom Salts

- Essential Oil (we choose Almond)

- dried flowers (rose petals, pure chamomile, a country garden mixture).


We found all these ideas using our new Pinterest account, do you follow us on there? It is filled with tea lifestyle from cooking to crafting, with a few Camden Tea product suggestions, reviews and recipes. 

As you have made it this far here's a little discount for you to help treat your mum to something great.