A new sweet treat to try

There is always time for a snack and a cuppa. 

Maybe only time for one? Then lets combine the two. Here are a couple of sweet treats with a little added tea flair in their classic fruity recipes.


Take your favourite dried fruit, or a combination and arrange on some baking paper on a baking tray. Then take a packet of your favourite chocolate and put in a bowl, then place inside a larger bowl. Boil some water and pour in the larger bowl slowly melting your chocolate. Stir and then drizzle or dip your fruit lavishly as you like.

Like it nutty? Add some chopped peanuts to your melted chocolate or sprinkle on top.  Then powder with Matcha heavily and let set in the fridge. Collect in a pot for on the go snacking.


Fancy something for later? Take some more of that melted chocolate and dip in some bananas cut in half. Use some old ice cream sticks and insert in the end. Then sprinkle with toppings of your choice. We tried some Hojicha with dark chocolate, Matcha & then a mix of both with some dried cranberries. 

Then cover in a plate and stick in the freezer till you fancy them.