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Camden Tea Bar COMING SOON!

Camden Tea Bar COMING SOON!

We have been hinting over the summer to an exciting update at Camden Tea HQ. After dealing with our tiny whole in the wall tea shop we are now opening a second new space. To make it even more exciting its going to be what you have all been asking for; somewhere you can not just buy loose tea but to drink some too.

We are launching the first Camden Tea Bar! You'll be able to smell, taste & buy 100 varieties of tea from all over the globe. Hear from a new staff of tea lovers ready to take you on a tasting journey or just sit and enjoy the market life pass by the window. Did we mention the new bar is not that far away from our current shop in the heart of Camden Market?

Here are some mock ups of the design to give you a sneak peek of the space, you'll be greeted by a wall of tea canisters and a display of smelling tins to tempt you in by smell. Then let us tell you the origins, tea types and benefits to match your mood. Sit down and relax or wander away with a to go cup; they'll be quiet corners inside and some outside seating to put you right amongst the crowds of Camden. 

We will be keeping you interested with photos of the work in progress, hints from the menu and on your toes for the opening weekend. Want to come to the opening as our VIP? sign up to our newsletter to be part of the club and added to the invite list. 

More to come soon.