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Earl Grey Iced Tea infusion with blueberries.

Earl Grey Iced Tea infusion with blueberries.

We send our tea all over the world and back again but we have a particularly fond American following with their own favourite tastes and flavour experiments that push the boundaries in terms of drinks recipes.

From the well known peach iced tea to the more tea enthusiasts London fog lattes they have recipes for lots of cold brews, cocktails and infusions. So want to try a recipe that has an American spark and full of British berries.

Sharing a recent online favourite.


4 tablespoons Emperor Grey

1/2 punnet blackberries

2 tablespoons of honey

small jug of cream

water & ice


1. Put the kettle on to boil.

2. Muddle the loose leaf tea, blackberries and honey together in a jug.

3. Add the water and brew for 3 - 5 minutes

4. Once brewed, strain over ice to cool quickly and water down.

5. Once cold serve in glasses over more ice.

6. For the true latte effect add a dash of cream.