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Figs on the Terrace | Recipe

Figs on the Terrace | Recipe
Sweet figs and aromatic sage combine in this summer tea that transports you to an Italian 'cucina'. Make sure you use that sage with care as it has quite a powerful flavour.


2 fresh figs - quartered
2 fresh sage leaves
100 ml boiling water
400ml water heated to 85 degrees
2tbsp white tea
ice cubes
Special Equipment: muddler or pestle & mortar


1. In a jug mix the figs and sage add the boiling water and leave to cool. 
2. Meanwhile, place the tea leaves in a teapot, add the 85 degree water and infuse for 2-3 minutes. Then strain in to the fig and sage infusion and stir together. Leave to cool.
3. Then strain the combined mixture in to two tumblers and serve with ice and a sage leaf for decoration.