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Chocolate Lovers Rejoice

Chocolate Lovers Rejoice

It's one of chocolate lovers favourite times of year, Easter. Where eggs become a thing of chocolate beauty instead of a breakfast staple. We understand the need to indulge in a sweet treats but very easily leads to over doing it. So for those looking for something tasty without the sugar we have a tea for you. 

Pure Cocoa - Herbal

Our Pure Cocoa is a herbal tea made from chocolate cocoa nibs and shells, so pure it produces a soft chocolate flavour. 

Creamy Caramel - Rooibos

Our number one best seller Creamy Caramel Rooibos is a woody red tea with caramel notes. Like nothing you'll find anywhere else and completely caffeine free.

Black Forest - Herbal/Fruit

Another tea from Cocoa nibs and shells this time infused and flavoured with frozen berries & hibiscus flowers. It's a warming brew that appeals to both sweet and fruit tea lovers.

Try them today: Black Forest, Creamy Caramel, Pure Cocoa