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The best things in Camden

The best things in Camden

After being included for the second year running in the Camden Inspire awards we have been reminded of the amazing businesses we surround ourselves with everyday. So we thought we'd take you through our favourite neighbours in all the Camden Inspire categories to give you some ideas for your next visit to Camden.


 A lovely stopping point in North Yard; a menu built around delicious chai and many traditional Indian recipes made by true lovers of the taste.

We are excited to hopefully be in this category next year, with the opening of our new Tea Bar coming very soon. Make sure your on our mailing list so you don't miss out on the opening. 


A classic Camden icon that offers a little of everything from art to music and is a stunning piece of architecture that stands in the skyline of the borough. 


Ruth is a long standing market trader that makes yummy Columbian food with flair. Around for a while but forever improving her menu and what event you can find her at next but always at Camden when you need a good lunch.

Our marketing managers favourite treat when its a little cold and drizzly (which there's plenty of this time of year). The Mac Factory popped up in the West Yard of the lock a few years ago and has since expanded in to a proper home at Euston and a concession in Debenhams Oxford Street. What a soaring success story they are. 


This is one of the two categories our tea shop falls in, there is no where else in Camden we would want our shop to be than on a market. Camden is famous for its history as a mecha for rebellious music and arts & crafts stalls, now a thriving retail destination that continues to grow. Find us at the heart of Camden Market amongst stalls & shops of all kinds.


 An intimate venue for home-grown jazz music, appearing in the 90s and made a name for itself as a local favourite but also a destination for lovers of the genre. 


 The perfect local pub for a quiet moment; so much of Camden is bold and bright the spread eagle is an oasis amongst it. Perfect for Sunday lunch after a walk around the park and even has upstairs meeting rooms bookable for even more intimate events.


Now this one is a bustling category with everything from the Moomin shop to Blaze On fairy lights on Camden Inspires worthy list. We find ourselves in excellent company again but we still hope you choose to vote for us!

Every person that comes to our tea shop gets the ultimate friendly Camden experience, from talking about tea to finding out what your up to on your visit and helping you have the best time.

Now are you convinced to come to Camden for a great day out?

Good! Before that don't forget to cast your vote to sing the praises of those Camden businesses that makes the place worth visiting. People are what makes up Camden, wherever the businesses go as they grow Camden is always in your heart.