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Sustainable Gift Ideas

Sustainable Gift Ideas

The worlds attention has been turned towards our blue planet recently in the news and it continues to be something we think about everyday. What we do inside our business; more recyclable packaging, less plastic and offering customers re-usable items with rewards attached are just a few ways we try to do our bit. But loose leaf tea is also a sustainable product, no tea bags means no fibres to waste, all our tea is farmed ethically and goes further in terms of number of uses than other teas too.

We think tea is a great way to find joy in the everyday; it's easy to achieve and share with others which makes it a great gift idea. So why not give some tea to your friends, make them happy and feel great about it. With fathers day just around the corner you might be looking for even more natural gift ideas. 

So here are some sustainable gifts ideas for those beverage fans that are thinking about the planet.



We found lots of great zero waste styled ideas but we need to share our favourite post from Hello Nest that includes a gift basket with loose leaf tea & a bamboo strainer we wouldn't mind getting ourselves.


Gift hampers are perfect because you can fill them with favourite things bespoke to the individual and no packaging is needed, just a nice storage basket that then can be re-used.


We actually have a few tea filled ones on here too. If you want to fill one with bespoke items just send us a message and we'll make you a bespoke box.


Check out the rest of their website which is filled with wonderful natural home ideas.




We have been looking in to reusable cups for a little while now and hope to stock some in the near future. Do you have a reusable cup? Do you like the idea of a discount when using one? We'd love to know.


Our current favourite coffee shops in Camden to take your KeepCup to:

- Camden Coffee - Run by the market owners there is a couple of locations on the market right on our doorstep.


- Hygge Pygge Cafe - Just up the road, perfect for families & relaxing environment. Try the iced coffee for something different.


- Pam Ban - The best chai & coffee house from India & Sri Lanka, go for brunch and then stay a while its the perfect world watching spot on the markets north yard.




When shopping now it's pretty second nature to take a tote bag out with you, to avoid the plastic bag and that 5p charge but what bag are you taking? 


We have paper bags and our own branded tote bags on offer in store and there are lots of beautiful designed ones out there from cotton to crochet. 


If you are feeling particularly crafty, Purl Soho have lots of DIY ideas including these beautiful roll up totes. So if you talents include a needle and thread give a bespoke bag for life. They'll remember you every time they shop.



There are more gift ideas and sustainable products on our pinterest boards and if you have a gift idea you'd like to share with us we'd love to hear it.