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Experience Japan

Experience Japan

For all our loyal customers you'll know we are now a regular fixture at Hyper Japan the premier Japanese cultural experience here in London. Offering everything cute from kimonos to sake we are very happy to be included in the experience, the past weekend you would have found us right at its heart in the Asakusa zone.

It's attended by fun families, anime lovers, eager tourists, Asian foodies and of course some tea fans. We love seeing you there and getting to meet a new audience from not just London but far and wide. Hyper Japan is a meeting spot for a lot of people and a step outside of the everyday, we brought our own piece of magic with us read on to hear more about the event.

We brought with us some of the favourites from our Experience Japan collection; the best selling Sakura Cha returned with its usual popularity, last year introduced Seaweed Wakame that is still going strong and this years surprising popular tea Hojicha a rare roasted/panfried green tea popular to bake with and pretty hard to source outside Asia.

We got a few recipes suggestions for those firm favourites but also lots of questions asking for recommendations which allowed each of our staff members to vouch for their favourites anything from Kyoto Spring to Moroccan Mint. Our Magical Flowering Tea pods also got their first chance to shine, helping illustrate their beautiful theatre we set one up in our glass teapots giving you the full experience. A great deal on these meant lots were taken home to eagerly share with friends.


The big surprise for everyone was two never seen before fruit infusions, a fun experiment for the warm summer months we tried these two fruity brews perfect for iced tea. Peach & Ginger and Strawberry & Mango were neck and neck all weekend as your new must try new flavour. Not yet available anywhere else we are keen to hear what you thought after you got these sweet treats home.

Want to see them on our regular menu? Get in touch to make requests.

An essential for brewing besides good loose leaf tea are the accessories; some of our last Japanese designed tea tins sold out over the weekend, many of you went for our small glass teapots and we had some new bamboo accessories that will added online soon for all you Matcha fans.

After 3 days of hard work we want to thank everyone for coming to see us; asking questions, buying tea to take home and all the love you shared about tea and Japanese culture.

Do you want to see us at Hyper Japan Winter 2019?

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