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Introduce yourself to Raw Honey

Introduce yourself to Raw Honey

We are excited to introduce you to the wonderful brand behind our newly stocked raw honey products. We are excited by their family run business who is morally minded when it comes to the environment and preserving their traditional methods.

Miod Raw Honey Co.

And here is their story.

"We are an independent, family-owned company from Poland with 60 years of beekeeping traditions. All of our honey is being sourced in the sustainable and responsible way. We specialise in rare, high-quality raw honey in small batches, that comes from Kuyavian-Pomeranian region and has great health benefits. Our dedication to recycling and ecology is deeply rooted in family history, when Witold, our grandfather started, his journey with nature over 60 years ago."  

They are based in Edinburgh and send their raw honey products all over the world including a small selection to us at Camden Tea. They are perfect for sweetening our teas to taste. 

 At the moment you can buy them in our Camden Market hole in the wall tea shop, but they will be online soon.